The bed and breakfast

Icône moulin de gaubourg


Aubance, is the name of the stream under our mill.

Aubance, is the name of one of our wine designation “Coteau de l’Aubance” that you will have the pleasure to taste upon your arrival.

Perle de Gaubourg

Bed and breakfast Perles de Gaubourg in the heart of vineyards. Be sure to taste the “Perles de Gaubourg” wine, a crémant rosé which inspired the decoration of this family guestroom, which can accommodate up to 4 people thanks to its two beds of 160*200 each.


Bacchus is the god of wine who inspired the theme of this authentic bed and breakfast Bacchus. Located in the heart of the vineyards, only 10 minutes from Angers, we must pay tribute to this god.


Hypolite was my grandfather, and everything happened thanks to him…
With its pearl gray and blue shades, the Hypolite bedroom is a real haven of nature.
This first floor bedroom has its own private patio overlooking the Aubance river and a green oasis.